Bam Boo Basti- that’s me, Basti Gutmann from Munich, Germany. In Summer 2016 it suddenly came to me- the idea of travelling across the globe – solely riding my bamboo bike!

Quite frankly, I am used to doing crazy stuff and have had rather outrageous ideas: Riding my racing cycle from Munich to San Remo in only 6 days / cycling to the Bodensee on a whim, covering over 300 km, and also my highly spontaneous hitchhiking trip through Europe to name but a few.

I’m originally from the Black Forest and I grew up on a small farm. Back when I was a little kid, I used to explore our woods with my father. Supposedly that’s where my strong affection for all things made of wood comes from. My uncle, a carpenter, taught me the basic principles of woodworking.

At a later time, I founded my own small business for hand-crafted wooden furniture – it’s called HOCKT.
Given that, only a wooden bike, respectively a bamboo-bike, would come into question regarding my journey around the globe.

Cycling has always been a part of me, especially once I realized that there was no bright future ahead of me in the soccer club. While working for SQLab, I had the opportunity to get a detailed look inside this industry and to develop an understanding for the branch. On top of this, SQLab is going to support me on my journey.
So, if you like my ideas of travelling the world in a sustainably way, while spreading the message of Plant-for-the-Planet all over the globe and planting trees, then feel free to support me and as a result, support Plant-for-the-Planet as well.

I’m also glad for every comment, every kind of feedback or if you solely decide to follow my adventure online.