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Basti would love nothing more than to just pull away on the spot. Taking into account that we are talking about a round-the-world-trip which is going to be captured on film, this may prove to be difficult.
To obtain the necessary documents for travelling, e.g. Visas etc., will be one of the first hurdles to overcome.
His journey is starting in Austria, going over Slovenia, across the Balkans and all the way to Turkey. Thereafter, Basti travels from Iran to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Naturally, Basti wants to travel onshore most of the way. In order to get to Australia, he’ll have to take a plane though. From there his journey takes him to New Zealand, either by boat or by plane as well. Afterwards, he’ll leave the southern hemisphere behind and will go to his next destination by plane: Canada. From up there, the plan is to travel along the West-Coast, all the way to San Francisco. Subsequently, he plans to travel from west to east all across the USA. To reach his next destination, Morocco, Basti’s going to rely on a plane once more. From there his journey takes him to Spain, France, Italy and through the Alps eventually back to his starting point, Munich, in Germany.

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